No one knows paving like EK Services. We are Central PA’s experienced and professional commercial paving company that can handle any sized project needing paving, mill and overlay, street sawing and building as well as an ongoing maintenance plan.

EK Commercial PAving Services


EK Services provides parking lot and driveway patching, as well as ditchline paving for utility contractors. Our milling machine and patch paver, combined with the manpower and experienced crews, makes us efficient and cost-effective.


Our mill and overlay services are an effective road maintenance technique that involves us removing the top layer of a street with a milling machine. After the top layer is removed, we then place a new layer of pavement for a smooth and strong finish.


EK Services has extensive experience in street building of all scopes and sizes. Our knowledge, combined with our manpower makes EK Services one of the most trusted and used street building companies in the Central Pennsylvania region.


Our highly skilled asphalt paving and milling team has years of experience working on major and minor roadways, streets, parking lots, cart paths and many other types of projects. We have the equipment and know-how to handle any project, from working roadway night shifts or in someone’s front yard.

From subgrade preparation to final grading, asphalt placement and compaction, we ensure quality at every step along the way. Additionally, we reuse asphalt millings on other aspects of some projects which can result in LEED credits. Using state of the art, GPS enabled milling machines our asphalt or milling capabilities include:

  • Streets
  • Parking lots
  • Large driveways
  • PennDOT paving & milling
  • Golf cart and walking paths
  • Trench restoration
  • Full depth milling
  • Mill in place
  • Overlay milling
  • Curb reveal milling
  • Asphalt patches


EK Services has the equipment, technique, and training to handle all of your street sawing needs. Based on the material and size of the project, we will recommend the best approach to your job. You can rely on us to be efficient, safe, and reliable to keep your project moving forward.


Our customized asphalt maintenance plans cover all your asphalt needs from sealcoating to patching and more and can be accomplished over an extended period of time. We choose to take a proactive approach to asphalt maintenance by using only the highest quality, commercial materials to ensure the asphalt surface is well equipped to handle every day traffic and ages well over time.

EK ServicesPennDOT

EK Services is proud to partner with PennDOT with provide a wide variety of road construction services. We are a dependable, quality, and affordable service provider who values safety, customer service, and efficiency.